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settembre 2015

TES sponsor the Steelsim 2015!

Steelsim 2015, the 6th International Conference on Modelling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes in Steelmaking is sponsored by TES.

The event is organized by AIM, the Italian Society for Metallurgy, in Bardolino (Garda Lake, Italy) and it is being held these days, from September 23 to 25, 2015.

Download the final program and find TES advertising…

TES is glad to publish the Chinese edition of its Corporate Brochure

TES wants to get closer to the East Market and it has decided to present its products and services to the Chinese customers in their own language.

TES wish to bring the Italian tailor-made to China, thanks to the support of a local agency company able to introduce the TES know-how and reliability.


TES contact in China:

Sino-Global Metallurgical Service &Supply Co.,…

Executed the agreement between TES Transformer Electro Service and Tamini Trasformatori

Terna Plus S.r.l. (Terna’s fully controlled subsidiary) has executed with Xenon Private Equity, Riccardo Reboldi and Giorgio Gussago (TES’ Shareholders) an agreement aimed at regulating the process for the entrepreneurial and corporate integration between corporate groups of Tamini and TES.

TES and Tamini are both world leading Italian companies for the design and production of industrial,…

TES Power Transformer with primary voltage of 330 kV for BMZ, Belarus

TES has successfully manufactured and tested a Three Phase Power Transformer with primary voltage of 330 kV. The secondary voltage is 33 kV and the rated power is 125 MVA; the transformer is ONAF cooled and equipped with OLTC.

Final tests were overcome under the supervision of the costumer, the Byelorussian Steel Work company, to which TES had already supplied two 82 MVA Power Transformers and…

TES and the Swedish power grid on ERA, the largest power market magazine in the Nordic countries

TES has delivered a Power Transformer for a mobile substation that together with two other mobile stations are used as back up stations for emergency situations in the Swedish power grid. The customer E.ON has signed a contract with the Swedish national grid to keep the transformer operational as a backup transformer for a period of 25 years.

The Swedish national grid has recently arranged a…

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