Single Phase Transformer EAF

  • single phase transformer for electric arc furnace eaf Single Phase Transformer EAF
    Single phase transformer for electric-arc furnace (EAF)

    Designed to resist the high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stress


Tes Transformer Electro Service

Italian Tailor Made

  • Details

Construction type: booster type with single-phase winding and on-load control of secondary voltage.

  • Nominal Power: 10000 kVA OFAF
  • Nominal Ratio: 35000/275-210-145 V
  • Total Weight: 29000 kg
  • Range of application
  • Three-phase power up to: 100 MVA
  • Primary system voltage up to: 132 kV
  • Secondary voltage up to: 1500 V
  • Description

Using its consolidated technology and the experience it has accumulated in the construction of transformers for AC arc furnaces (EAFs), TES designs, builds, tests, commissions and maintains single-phase furnace transformers with power ratings of up to 100 MVA and primary voltages of up to 132 kV.

Transformers for alternating current electric-arc furnaces (AC EAFs) are used throughout the steel industry. They are used to power arc furnaces for the production of steel, which require high levels of power that must also be variable due to the frequent short-circuits, and also to power arc furnaces for the production of special alloys – these alloys often require the deployment of three single-phase furnace transformers instead of a single three-phase transformer in order to balance the total phase impedance through an equilateral-triangle layout of the units.

These transformers must be designed to resist the high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stress to which they are subject during utilisation. Other elements that must be taken into consideration when designing transformers for electric-arc furnaces are the high secondary currents required for the fusion process (dozens of kA) and the wide range of secondary voltages, which are normally regulated by an on-load tap changer (OLTC), either directly on the high-voltage winding or via an intermediate booster located within the same tank.

The experience that TES has built up has allowed to company to become a leading brand both nationally and internationally in the single-phase furnace transformers market. The company’s products are used across a wide spectrum of applications by a plethora of major clients.

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