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The after-sales service includes all maintenance and diagnostic control activities on transformers, monitoring of machine reliability, prevention of any malfunctioning and prompt remedy to avoid damage to the customer’s production cycles.

TES has dedicated means and resources to promptly react in case of troubles, plants for oil treatment and a performing laboratory for physical-chemical analyses and gas chromatography.

TES is provided with a mobile test room able to carry out at the customer:

  • Insulation tests up to 110 kV DC
  • Measurement of winding resistances
  • Measurement of SFRA and winding inductance
  • Measurement of winding capacity and tg , and HV bushing
  • Infrared thermographic inspections
  • Water content in oils (with time trend) and dielectric strength.

TES has a large stock of reconditioned transformers ready for use, which, in case of need or emergency, can be made available to customers on flexible rental or purchase conditions.

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Thanks to specialized experience in on-site and in-house preventive, routine and extraordinary maintenance of any transformers and to the continuous commitment to technological innovation, TES makes of revamping one of its points of excellence.

Revamping or powering means working on the active parts and reviewing machine engineering without modifying the existing structure or those parts that do not require to be changed.

The process of revamping increases the performance of transformers being used remarkably and is carried out not only on damaged plants but also on working ones, which, because of changes to the customer production processes, are no longer suitable for the current needs.

TES offers this service both on its products and on third party’s products, ensuring the final result through a strict final testing carried out at its test room in the presence of customers.

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TES is an excellent reference point at international level for transformer assistance, reaching and even exceeding the level of multinationals and historical competitors.

The exclusive after-sales and emergency service, backed by the most advanced diagnostic investigation techniques for the detection of faults or malfunctioning, allows solving any problems with installed transformers and restoring in very short time normal working conditions.

- TES is the ideal partner because it is well aware that continuity of production, transmission, distribution and use of electricity must be guaranteed and that reliability and redundancy of some strategic components of the plant, including transformers, are very important elements to meet the needs of the modern market.
- The branched structure of TES service can reach in due time over 50 countries around the world, ensuring rapid assistance and repair with temporary replacement of the unit to avoid costly downtime.

The in-house test room allows performing both standard tests required by the international regulations and special tests upon customer request.
The tests include:

  • Heating tests
  • Long thermal tests
  • Insulation tests
  • Atmospheric impulse tests
  • Induced voltage tests
  • Measurements of losses and no-load currents
  • Measurements of losses and short-circuit voltage
  • Measurements of noise in octave bands
  • Hydraulic pressure and vacuum tests with measurement of deformations
  • Measurement of partial discharges
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  • 4,000 m2 entirely dedicated to Service
  • Active part drying system
  • Disassembly, assembly and rewinding area
  • Oil treatment and vacuum filling area
  • Check and testing room up to 420 KV – 400 MVA
  • Laboratory for the execution of chemical-physical and gas chromatographic oil analyses
  • Skilled technical staff
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