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TES expands its Rodengo Saiano facility,orders for 15.5million

Equipment manufactured by the company based in Ospitaletto 

Riccardo Reboldi leads TES

New areas, new contracts and ongoing expansion for TES – Transformer Electro Service srl – a leader in the design and construction of large industrial transformers (special transformers and power transformers): a concern – explains a note – set up in 1988 as the brainchild of Aldo Artioli, Giorgio Gussago and Riccardo Reboldi (CEO).

CONTROLLED by the management of the Aso Group in Ospitaletto, after the September 2011 financial alliance with the Xenon V Private Equity Fund, the company has implemented the development plan for its operational units and has strengthened its organization: this is also thanks to investments in research and development (+200% in last two years) and in facilities, building the Rodengo Saiano facility (over 4,500 square meters), for service activity. It currently has over 60 employees (+30% vs. 2010; of which many are young people), and three buildings in Ospitaletto, where the headquarters is located. The turnover, based on preliminary data, is over 26 million.

THANKS TO its ability to seize the opportunities offered by globalization, TES is increasingly a global player. Already a supplier of the major Italian steel groups – such as Feralpi, Lucchini, Riva, AFV Beltrame, Alfa Acciai, ABS – in addition to leading international main contractors – such as Danieli, SMS Siemag, Siemens Vai, Tenova, Fuchs, CVS, Concast – in 2013, the company expanded its portfolio with new orders for a total of approximately EUR 8 million in India and Australia; a new project to power the American Simec Corp. plants, worth EUR 7.5 million (in the period 2012-2014) is in progress.

The company, as is explained in detail in the press release, has signed a framework agreement (worth over EUR 5 million) with Jindal Steeland Power Limited to supply 7 industrial transformers for electric arc furnaces: they will be installed in Oman and in the three main Indian settlements in Raigarh, Angul.

The entire agreement includes two machines to power 220 MVA, and 240 MVA electric arc furnaces that, for rated power, are considered to be among the five largest in the world. The major Indian steel group, among the largest global player in the steel sector – according to the press release, “chose to source its industrial transformers from TES to ensure reliability and growth for its industries, with the ambitious goal of tripling by 2015″ the quantity allocated to rich Middle East market.

THE AMERICAN GIANT General Electric, on the other hand, chose the design capability (but not only) of the Ospitaletto firm for 8 conversion machines for the Australian railways electrification (worth EUR 3 million): in this case the press release stresses that “this an unprecedented order, for AC supply voltage for the train, rather than direct current as in the past.

TES has been awarded the pilot project after a long negotiation, “defeating the major international players in the field; the installation at Bauhinia and Moreton Bay will be completed within this year, marking a significant effort in terms of research and development, and which the company welcomed “with determination and confidence”.

ANOTHER important operation that involves TES in a leading role is the construction of 10 special transformers worth EUR 7.5 million: they are the result of the trust that the Mexican steel industry giant (listed on the NYSE) has placed in TES, which was tasked to meet the requirements of the steelworks located in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. “These are important results that TES is deservedly proud of and which are the result of the business policy of the company as led by its directors”, according to the press release. A strategy which, among other things, by focusing also on technological innovation has enabled the company to develop its main strength: “tailor made solutions according to customer requirements, combined with excellent quality and safety levels”, the document concludes.


This is the translation of an article published in BresciaOggi, You can download the original article (in italian) at this link:

Tes special transformers BresciaOggi_12 marzo.pdf


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